Club Officials

General Committee Roles for 2019-20.


President: Alex Stanelos
All sub-Committees, BTS Delegate, Policy Development, Greens sub-Committee

Vice President: Rod Calnan
BTS Delegate, Planning and Development, Providore, Gardening

Secretary: Yvonne Bennett
Club administration and correspondence, Strategic Plan, Uniform, Covid Safe Plan

Treasurer: David Back
Finance (Including Finance sub-Committee).

Directors of the Board

Mark Quinane –  Men’s match sub-committee

Celia Wedd –         Bar sub-Committee, Umpiring

Anne Whenn –      Women’s match sub-Committee

Jan Hobbs –            Assistant Treasurer, Fundraising and Raffles

Chris Lane –           Sponsorship


Sub-Committee Convenors and Other Roles

Bar/Clubhouse                                Phil Manning,  POS software – Michael Seddon

Corporate Bowls/Club Hire       David Anderson 

Friday Social Bowls                      Bruce Price

Maintenance                                    Steve Graf

Wednesday Barefoot Bowls       Richard Wilson assisted by Michael Seddon & Pat Wilkes

Website Maintenance                  Michael Seddon

Sponsorship                                      John Quinn

IT and Communications             Richard Wilson & Michael Seddon

Catering, Coaching, Synthetic Green
                                                              Board of Directors

BAR STEWARD                              Gael Welling

GREEN KEEPER                            Alby Norris

LICENSEE                                        Lindsay Lovell

CHAIRS OF SELECTORS            Yvonne Buckley (Thursday), Peri Buckley (Saturday), Gordon Dowl (Wednesday)